Where does Hook keep its metadata?

I’m new to Hook and have been experimenting with it.

This is just for the sake of my own curiosity - but one thing that puzzles me is where the metadata is kept and how is it purged/optimised?

As an experiment I created an association between an Obsidian document and a web page.

I then renamed the Obsidian document and the association vanished.

I renamed the document back to it’s original name and the association came back.

That tells me there’s some repository of associations somewhere with entries in it that persist longer than the documents they apply to.

Does that mean there’s an ever growing database of dead associations or do they get periodically purged?

I did find information about where the database is kept here: Can we see inside the Hook database? - #4 by taonmatt

Yes, Hook stores its data where you’d expect: ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/. See also How to Backup and Restore Hook Data – Hook.
At this point auto deletion of bookmarks is a challenge because Hook is designed to enable you to add and remove entire file systems (like disk images, cloud shares, network mount points, version control systems, etc.) and to share across your Macs and with other people. However, the entries are lean. And we optimize as development progresses. (We also remember the old days of macOS, each release from 10.0 or so onwards would get leaner and leaner.)

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