When clicking on custom links in macOS Numbers app, how to prevent "edit link", "open link" dialog dialog box from appearing

Can I turn off the ‘edit link open link’ dialog that appears when I click on a hookmark link?

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @BernSh and thanks for asking.

Do you mean the HOOKED links section in the Hookmark window? It’s entries are

Unhook Link
Copy Link
Copy Markdown Link
Hook to Copied Link
Hook to New...
Hook to New BBEdit
Rename in Hookmark
Revert Name in Hoop mark
Reveal File in Finder

if so, the menu is only supposed to appear if you use ⌃L or you click on the sandwich button on a hooked link. Perhaps your System preferences/setting are set to do something different?

I wasn’t clear.

I mean AFTER a hookmark link is created and sometime later I click on that link.

I link emails stored in Finder folders to cells in Numbers spreadsheets. When I click those links in a spreadsheet a dialogue opens asking if I want to open or edit the link rather than what I’d prefer which would be to have the linked item open without having to first dismiss the dialogue.


thank you for clarifying, @berSh.

  1. I suppose you mean paste the links in the cell, right?
  2. Are you sure you mean in Numbers rather than Excel?

If you paste a custom link, like x-devonthink-item , omnifocus:/// or hook://file/ in Excel, and then try to use it, Excel will popup a warning. I haven’t seen Numbers do that. I tested that again in Ventura.Numbers and in macOS 12.6.1 (21G217).Numbers and didn’t get a warning. Maybe I had previously OK’d custom links. I may need to refresh my memory there.

Here are a few Hookmark links to emails in a Numbers spreadsheet. They are not custom links. They are made via pressing control-option-shift-H and then pasted into the spreadsheet cell.

The dialog below the last one is the dialog I’d like not need to click through each time the link is click.

interesting. It doesn’t do that for me. (I tested again on Ventura and macOS 12.6.1 (21G217)). I perhaps found a way to deal with that years ago and cannot remember what the solution was.

I tried this from Terminal app: % defaults read "com.apple.iWork.Numbers", which produced a lot of information, but nothing seemed relevant (plus I grepped for “yes”, “URL” and “link” in there.

anyone else remember?