What is the expected release date for the iOS version of Hookmark in the App Store?

Could you please let me know when the iOS version of Hookmark will be available on the App Store? Looking forward to its online release as soon as possible~

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I have the same problem

Same question, a roadmap would greatly strengthen our confidence for Hookmark

I for one have no lack of confidence in the Hookmark team. They have been amazing ever since Hook/Hookmark was first released. Take your time with the iOS version and do it right.

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IOS was a deal breaker - and am using the BETA flight test version to good effect though rather limited in establishing links, at least I can use links! Excellent. As a result I paid for Hookmark Pro

We try not to publish dates because all kinds of things can affect the product road map.

Our plan is to release Hookmark for iPad and iPhone after Hookmark for Mac 6.0 or 6.1. We’re also looking forward to the public release :blush:.

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