Weird behavior with Omnifocus

I seem to be experiencing the same behavior as in this post: Multiple OmniFocus Windows
I’m running Hook v1.7 with script version 120, and Omnifocus 3.8 (v143.1.19).

When I launch hook and invoke Hook to New Omnifocus, a new task is created in the inbox but TWO new windows are launched. As anybody seen this?

ps: i’ve run “rebuild database” as suggested in the linked post, to no avail .

I can’t replicate this with same version of OmniFocus on macOS 10.14.6. (My 10.15 MacBook Pro is in for keyboard repairs so can’t test that right now). are you on 10.15?

I did a bit of web search for OmniFocus’s ‘make new task with properties’ … leading to duplicates. Can’t come up with anything so far. But there might be someone over on who has seen this type of issue. ( Sal Soghoian works for OmniGroup. Maybe in the history of AppleScript there’s some rationale behind duplication.) I’ll also bring it up with a developer here.

Yes I’m on 10.15. I thought it was a setting in OF such as “always open in new tab” but it’s not, I’ve forced OF to open in tabs or in windows and I get duplicates in both cases.

Got It!

A long time ago I’d set the following hidden preference:


Setting it back to


solved the issue.
That’s two hours of my life I’m not getting back :smiley: Let’s say I learned something (I think).
Thanks @LucB for looking into it and sorry for the wild goose chase.

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Thanks for letting us know. I wasn’t aware of that advanced preference.