We can link anything?

My first go at Hookmark, I am trying to link an email in for Outlook for MacOS to Pagico. In both programs, after trying to initiate a hook, I get a message “no linkable item in Microsoft Outlook” and the same message for Pagico, no linkable items.

Reviewing some of the Hookable documentation and FAQs, it seems I should be able to link from and to both applications. So can we link anything, or just some things?

Welcome to Hookproductivity forum, @graceX .

Currently, Hookmark works with old version of Outlook. It does not work with new Outlook because it does not have AppleScript support yet.

I think Pagico is not supported yet. We will have a look.

Here is the list of apps that Hookmark supports:

Thank you

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum, @graceX. And thanks for asking.

Hookmark can in principle link to data in link-friendly apps. It can also link to a lot of apps that aren’t that link-friendly.

If the app has a Copy Link like function, then at a minimum you can then use Hookmark to Focus on Link in Clipboard, and from there do whatever you want. Apps don’t actually need to provide that if they have automation from which Hookmark can copy their links, or create links.

This page categorizes many apps.. there’s a legend at the top explaining our categories :+1:, :thinking: and :-1: apps. The one in the middle is for apps where Hookmark uses “UI scripting”. Typically that actually works quite well too. It’s just that “under the hook”, Hookmark relies on the UI. obviously best is :+1:.

Of course it’s up to the app developers to support their links. Basically, if an app provides a link, then when you click on that link, macOS will send the request to the app, which must be installed, and the data it points to needs to be something you have access to. etc.

There’s more info on the apps page. And for a lot of apps on that page the entry points to a Using Hookmark with ‘appname’ page, or to a forum post here, for anyone who wants to know more details. Outlook is listed there with its own link.