Way to have Hook Window "always on"?

Is there a way to leave the hook window permanently invoked?

Would be really useful to see it update in real time (but not take window focus like it does when invoked.) That way I would see the things related to what I am looking at, without having to manually check.

Use case:
Going through my task manager (omnifocus), it would provide real time updated context for what is attached to a given project I am working on



I completely agree. I think that one of the single biggest limitations right now with Hook (and other contextual computing techniques) is that you have to remember when you’ve used it. I’d LOVE to see a floating Hook window of some kind, preferably that would auto-expand and shrink to keep its footprint minimal. Maybe Hook 3?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @scoobster and thanks for asking about this. We’ve worked on various forms of this. The needs behind that request remain on our minds and “to address list” , there being different ways to address them and trade-offs. Sorry to be so vague, but it does convey the abstract reality.

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