Want to fix bike script, it has a problem

At present, if the suffix is bike, you can link to the block, that is, the position of the line, but the bike can open the markdown file, hook can obtain the markdown file’s deep link, but when you open the link again (file closed state) can locate the file, and can not locate the block, hope to repair the script @LucB

I’ve not replicated this. What is the scheme of the link ?

Using Hookmark with Bike Outliner App by Hog Bay Software – Hookmark says

Hookmark gives you a choice of URL scheme it should automatically use when you apply the Copy Link command. You can get either a bike:// link or a hook://file URL. Hookmark defaults to hook://file due to the advantages listed below.

have you tried:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook integration.bike.URL.scheme bike-default


At present, I am sure that there is a problem with hook’s solution. hook link hook://file/ cannot be relocated to the line when the bike opens md file. On the contrary, if the bike link bike:// can be located to the line, I hope hook can modify the script. So that the bike opened the makrdown file can also be located at the line

You can try, the problem can be repeated, I hope your help, I don’t know programming, so I can only rely on you. At the same time, bike should be the only editor that supports deep linking that can open markdown

Defaults write com. Cogsciapps. Hook integration. Bike. URL. The scheme can bike - the default location to the line, But defaults write com. Cogsciapps. Hook integration. Bike. URL. Scheme hook - the file can’t locate to the line (in open markdown file situation) 【 I use translation software, my native language is not English, Don’t mind if the tone of the translation is inappropriate.

My intention is to fix the hook solution, not the bike solution

  • When I use hook scheme to open suffix file bike, the following prompt appears (bike software is closed)
    The document “1.bike” could not be opened. You don’t have permission.
    To view or change permissions, select the item in the Finder and choose File > Get Info.

  • When I open the link using the bike solution, the prompt is this
    Problem Opening Link
    Failed to find any documents matching the link: bike: /kqlUh6Ml/#9T9k

:roll_eyes:I hope the developers test again after the bike is closed, open the file, hook this script has a problem, don’t developers fix it, the high cost of software should have the corresponding service
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