VoiceOver bug in Hookmark 6

macOS Version 14.2 (Build 23C64)
Hook Version 4.0 (4988; Integration v. 238)
Hookmark(Setapp) Version 6.0.1 (5788; Integration v. 299)


I’m a VoiceOver (screen reader) user and have been using Hook for a few years. I downloaded the Setapp version of Hookmark. Before that, used Hook 4 directly. When I invoke Setap Hookmark on a Finder item, Safari tab, a Drafts document or any another type of file, I get: “No linkable item found in Hookmark”. However, it is not true because when I press ⌘C I get the url in the clipboard. Furthermore, I use Alfred workflow and there can I browse through the bookmarks.

So it is definitely something wrong that VoiceOver reads No linkable item found in Hookmark when it is clearly that those bookmarks are there.

Also, can confirm that those 2 bookmarks exist by going to the Show Bookmarks window button in Hookmark itself.

When I’m running an older version of Hook, then those files are detected by Hook as it should.

I downloaded latest version of Hookmark directly to check if it is something wrong with Setapp version. I get same annoying notification: “No linkable item found in Hookmark”.

I hope you could look at that issue and I will gladly to give more feedback if needed!:blush:

Sorry about this issue and thank you for reporting this issue.

I just gave it a try. Voiceover does not work for Hookmark-Setapp.

For regular Hookmark(From Hookmark website), on my Mac it works when Hookmark is in background mode, which is its default mode. But it does not work when Hookmark is in foreground mode.

Do you mean it does not work even in background mode, for regular Hookmark?

Thank you

It works in background mode, but as I wrote, when I press ⌃H on a file, I get Hookmark window with message “No linkable item found in Hookmark”.

Thank you, @RDK.

My macOS is 14.3. VoiceOver works fine with regular Hookmark.

If you press command+shift+space (or the shortcut you defined) to invoke Hookmark, is there any difference?

Thank you

I redownloaded latest version of regular Hookmark and it works fine yes. So it seems that Setapp version is not fully accessible with VoiceOver.

Thank you for letting us know, @RDK .

We will have a look into this issue.