Visualization of Hook Links

I am having trouble finding the usefulness of Hook. I get that it is helpful to link disparate pieces of material together, but I cannot understand how to implement this app into my workflow.

Invoking the Hook window provides little help as it only lists other links/docs/hook etc. It would be much more helpful if Hook had a window or app-like instance where each hooked item is a node in a network with lines connecting it to the other linked items. A map like this would be much better and useful than simply a list of hooked resources.

Does anyone else feel like this or similar? And, if so, how have you changed your workflow or what have you uncovered to make Hook more useful? I could certainly just not be understanding something or not be using it effectively, but after sitting with this for a few days I wanted to get other opinions. Thanks!


Could this be constructed with e.g. GraphViz .dot language? The advantage here is that a .dot file is plain text yet can contain live links.

That was my initial reaction to Hook as well

What I do currently is use the Hook Links as bookmarks which I copy/paste into the destination document. So for example if I make a note about an item on my Calendar, I may use Apple Notes to write a detailed note with images and Rich Text and then paste a link to that Note into the comment field of my Calendar entry.

Or I may go to a Tinderbox note and paste a deep-PDF link to a specific selection of text from PDFpenPRO or Skim.

Basically I use it just like you would copy/paste regular web links from your browser; but Hook greatly expands which apps can create those web links beyond just browsers.

This is the way I think of the problem, although I have no concrete suggestions since this sort of graph for anyone that uses Hook extensively could wander far and wide and be difficult to comprehend.

Maybe some sort of visual navigation is needed? No idea. But I do think this is more of a navigation issue than a static graphical state diagram.


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