Version 186 of Hook integration script: PDFpenPro under macOS 12 Monterey

Version 186 of Hook integration scripts is now available. This includes a fix for an issue that could prevent deep links from opening properly in PDFpenPro under macOS 12 (“Monterey”).

This works around an AppleScript problem introduced by Apple in Monterey.

Since the previous topic on this forum specifically listing integration updates, we’ve also released the following integration updates:

  • Added support for Wavebox , a Chromium-based browser.
  • Added support for DEVONagent by DEVONtechnologies.
  • Added support for Google Chrome Beta
  • Added support for Bookends2
  • Fixed an issue with Zotero.

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.

This requires a valid Updates license..

Spreading the news

Please consider sharing this with your colleagues who might benefit from this update.


  • 2021-11-02 17:12 (PT): corrected: v = 186.