Version 168 of Hook software integration is available: Craft Mac app, Obsidian app, NetNewsWire app, Spillo app, etc

Version 168 of Hook integration with your favorite software (plus Adobe Acrobat painware) is available today.

From Hook 3.0

This integration update packs improvements some of which were built into 3.0 itself, namely:

  • NEW: Hook to New Craft Mac app
  • NEW: Support NetNewsWire Mac app
  • New: Adobe Acrobat deep linking (joins the club that includes PDFpenPro and Skim PDF apps). This requires a 2021 version of Adobe Acrobat. Big Sur may be required for optimal Acrobat integration.
  • Updated: Obsidian Mac app integration
  • Updated: Spillo news reader integration

Post 3.0

This integration update also includes changes that are not in the Hook 3.0 build:

  • Updated: Adobe integration (as discussed elsewhere on this forum)

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.

NB: Some of the features in this software update require Hook 3.0

As noted above, some of the features above are already in Hook 3.0.

Reminder: if you have overridden any integration script you need to to remove the override (click the “-” button on Scripts Tab – Hook for that script) to see it.

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Thank you to all who raised issues and/or contributed integration ideas.

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