Version 166 of Hook software integration: introducing support for IntelliJ IDEA

Version 166 of Hook software integration is now available. It introduces support for IntelliJ IDEA.

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.

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How exactly does Intellij IDEA integration work? I have hook version 2.2.2 and if I invoke Hook in either a code window or click on a Java file inside the Intellij IDEA IDEA, there are no hookable objects found.

It uses this shortcut: shift+cmd+c to copy the file path: .

Could you please
(1)Open a java file in Intellij IDEA
(2) type shift+cmd+c
(3)paste in a text editor to see if the file path is copied.

If not, probably that shortcut is used by a different app.

If if works, could you please run the following code in /Applications/Utilities/Script Editor and see if there is any error message?

set the clipboard to ""
tell application id "com.jetbrains.intellij"
end tell

tell application "System Events" 
	keystroke "c" using {shift down, command down}
	delay 0.1
	repeat 10 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds. Sometimes set x to the clipboard throws exception
			set fp to the clipboard
			if fp is not equal to "" then
				exit repeat
			end if
		end try
		delay 0.1
	end repeat
end tell
get fp

Hook uses shift+cmd+c? I don’t see that in the hook settings? How do I changes this to something else?

On my Mac shift+cmd+c brings up the Keyboard Maestro clipboard tool where I don’t see a way to change that hotkey either.


If you go to Hook preference window → Scripts->Intellij IDEA->Get Address, you will see it is used in the script at line 6.

You can change it to a different shortcut that will work on your machine.