Vendor lock-in to Apple

Getting Hooked on Hook. Data export. Other platforms?

I love Hook, no mistake with that. I’m prepared to get locked in to some degree.

However, I cautious about getting stuck into Apple’s ecosystem. I always favor apps that give me options to exit if I need to.
How bad is the potential for vendor lock-in with Hook?

  • Is the SQL database documented in such a way that if I really needed to, I could pay a programmer to use the database to tag an entire filesystem, for example?

  • Are there any longterm plans for support on any other platform? I don’t use iOS because of the walled garden

We have a web page on interoperability.

The SQL DB is not meant to be directly addressed. I don’t think you’ll find OmniFocus or Things DB to be meant to be directly addressed either. It adds a whole level of support/complexity to open up that way. For instance, we could not guarantee the integrity of Hook data if we did that. Instead we provide an API to get the data, and there is an import/ export mechanism. Also you may refer to the link above which lists other aspects of Hook openess.

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Thank you! I’m sorry I’d missed that page on interoperability.

This is great. :slight_smile:
I’ll look into using the export every week to get the data into my main promnesia database.

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