Using Hookmark with Upnote

I saw someone requesting this in early 2022 but nothing further… Upnote is a solid Evernote alternative, and uses links/ URL schemes… Does anyone have a script to make it work with Hookmark?- thanks-


I would love to know this too!

It’s great to have the option to “Hook to new Note” or even Craft but for me UpNote is much more user friendly than Craft so I would love to be able create a new note in UpNote rather than Craft (and I can’t work out how to create a custom template, or whether that’s even possible for UpNote) :blush:

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Last time we looked into this, they do support x-callback-url, but dno not have get current note.

we encourage our customers to get in touch with the Upnote devs requesting them to provide an API for Mac users/apps to get the title and URL of the current note; and to support Hook to New per:

Contacting developers of other apps – Hookmark.

Meanwhile, we encourage customers to look at the Capacities app. Compare: Using Hookmark with Capacities app – Hookmark.

PKM Beth on the web provides information on Capacities:

Hi @LucB. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’ve sent an email to Thomas at UpNote, who’s usually quite responsive, and in the meantime I’ll check out Capacities :blush:
~ Bec

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Hi again @LucB. I’ve been meaning to let you know that I received the following reply from Thomas at UpNote on September 9th:

Hi Bec,

We have noted your request and will monitor if it’s commonly requested. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Also, I’ve just sent a message (from the forum) requesting to become a beta tester for Hookmark iOS :crossed_fingers:t3:

~ Bec

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