Using Hookmark on multiple accounts or computers

I am trying to keep Hookmark active on more than one account on a computer (and sometimes on multiple computers).

I have the Pro Version. Is there to way to accomplish that?


You might find this link useful/Using Hook on multiple Macs.


Thanks. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for what I am looking for.
What I want to be able to do is not have to quit Hookmark on one Mac account when I want to open it on another Mac acount. I use two separate accounts on my Mac, one for work businessemphasized text and one for personal business.

If you use the sync method described under ** Hookmark Automatic Sync** on that link then you shouldn’t have to quit Hookmark. Have you tried it and it’s not working?

Hi. I set up a folder in Dropbox to save my Hookmark info.
However, when I try to open Hookmark in a separate account, I receive this message:

“You can’t open the application Hookmark because someone else is using it. Ask the other user to quit the application and then try again.”

I have the Pro version. Shouldn’t I be able to use the application on more than one account?

Currently it is only possible to use Hookmark in one macOS account.

Hi. Checking in on this requested feature: “the ability to use Hookmark in two accounts on one Mac.”

This is available in Hookmark 6 Public Beta.