Using Hook with removable Media (USB-Stick)

Is this a bug or a feature?

I made “copy link” of a file A on an USB stick and hooked it to a file B in my home folder, that is on the Macintosh HD.

Both files are shown in Hook, but only as long as the USB stick is mounted. If the USB stick is unmounted, the bookmarked file there is not shown anymore in Hook. The bookmark of File B is still visible, but Hook does not indicate that there is a hook to File A.

As soon as I remount the USB File A reappears in Hook’s universe and File B shows again the hooked File A as well.

Hook should should make visible all bookmarks to files at every time. A visible indication that the target of a bookmark is “offline” will be appreciated.
Being able to hook to files on removable media is very important to me.

Hook 3.4.1, macOS 11.6.3

We have this feature in Hook 3.5 in house. So if all goes well your wish will be satisfied.

Hook will indicate that the file cannot be reached. It has no certain way of knowing for sure why it can’t be reached (though it does have some tricks). So you will have the opportunity to unhook the target, or even delete the entire bookmark associated with the target.

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Hi Luc,
sounds good.
Can I ask when this next release will be available? As you may have guessed, I am currently testing Hook and have not licensed it yet. Do you already reveal what other features will be included in it? I didn’t find any hints about it in your blog.
I would like to take this opportunity to expressly praise the blog: very informative posts, very helpful for Hook newcomers.

In any case, thanks for the quick response.

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Thank you, @hanspe . Lately we’ve been having public beta tests before the release. At that point we list out all the features in release notes. Before then, there’s more flux so we just allude here and there, in conversations, to upcoming features and the product road map. It’s a very dynamic space. We frequently adapt our plans, which is partly why some things take longer than expected, and some features appear with little foreshadowing. I don’t have an ETA. The beta should start this month. Exactly when is hard to say.

Thank you for the kind words ! Much appreciated.