Using Hook with Reeder

I was able to modify the “Get Address” script for Readkit to work for the Reeder RSS reader also:

tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Reeder"
		tell menu bar 1
				tell menu "Share"
                	click menu item "Copy Link"
                	delay 0.01
                	get the clipboard
                end tell
			end try
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Tested on Reeder 5 (com.reederapp.5.macOS) but likely works on older versions too, as I think the same menu item existed.

I haven’t yet been able to figure out a way to write a “Get Name” script yet — the article title appears in the window, but it doesn’t seem to set the window title or anything, so it’s beyond my limited AppleScript knowledge.


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @benjamineskola . And thanks for sharing !

I haven’t tried your script yet. But if you open a Hook-bookmarked web page in a web browser (like Safari), Hook will automatically associate the title with the bookmark for that URL. So the next time you invoke Hook on the web page, you should see the title.

I encountered the same issue with Reeder 4. Hook was able to identify the URL from a selected article in Reeder, but I was not sure how to copy the item as Markdown link.

Hook now has New Command: Focus on Copied Link ⌃⇧⌘L – Hook, so Reeder users can copy the link and focus on it if they want to see what’s associated with it.

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To my knowledge, Reeder has no x-callback-url or AppleScript that we can use. If it does, then we could add scripts for it.
best option is Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook.

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In this beautiful RSS reader (Reeder) a Hook service can be added to the menu. Unfortunately, none of the four options available (Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, Open Hook Window, and Add Bookmark) will work. The last option works, but the Hook link has no title, which complicates the search later (after all, one has to remember (part of) the URL. One can add the title afterwards though using the Rename in Hook function.

I dint seem to be able to use hook with Reeder 5 at all and am confused by the comments above. So, In simple terms, can we or can’t we use hook with Reeder, and if we can how?

I like Reeder 5 too. Last time we checked, it was not URL friendly unfortunately. It does not meet the very simple requirements of Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. So we can’t integrate with it.

we recommend : Contacting the developer or checking out other readers that are URL friendly.

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It is possible through the workaround I mentioned: rename in Hook. A little more complex than it should be, but it works.

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Can you explain the workaround, I don’t seem to ‘get it’

Yes, of course. First, make sure you make Hook available in Reeder. In Reeder, go to preferences and select then Actions and Sharing. Find Hook in the list and check the radio button at Show in toolbar. Now go to an article in Reeder and select Hook from the toolbar. The Hook window appears. You can now do the following to create a Hook bookmark that references this article. Open the Hook Window (in the dropdown menu). If you choose this option, the normal Hook window will appear. At the top you see the bar where normally the title of the new bookmark is. However, this one is empty. Immediately choose Rename in Hook from the title menu and give the bookmark a title. The reference is now included in Hook. The shortcoming is that the bookmark does not open the article in Reeder but navigates to the web page where this entry is located. If you want I can make a video in which I demonstrate how this works. I can send it to you via WeTransfer.

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Thanks, that was very helpful

After I’ve done this, I copy to copy the link, or hook to new, correct?

Yep. Or you can perform a search in Hook to make sure the bookmark is there.

Many thanks, this workaround is pretty useful.

No worries. It is of course a pity that the Hook bookmark does not refer to the RSS post in Reeder itself but to the underlying URL. But according to Luc, this is not possible at the moment.