Using Hook with Obsidian


I am a simple Hook (pro) user. I don’t have massive technical skills.

I also use obsidian and have their insider build additions enabled. Currently I’m on 0.14.6

What I’m trying to do is make Obsidian and Hook work together so I can have a .PDF open, for example, and call Hook to make a new document and then it is created and linked in Obsidian.

It looks like hook has the latest scripts in it. Version 3.4.3 (4626; Integration v. 210).

Is there something special I need to do to make this work?

Does this still require that I have “advanced URI plugin” installed. It seems from what I’ve read, it doesn’t but I need some more specific guidance please.


Yes: Hook to New > Obsidian currently requires an “advanced URI” plugin, as described here:
Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook. You can see that from the table, which has a Hook to New row.

However, we updated our integration with an Obsidian Insider Build (v0.14.6) that I now notice seems to be generally available, but our new integration is not yet released on Hook’s integration server. We aim to do this at the start of the business week.

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I believe I have set up Obsidian and Hook to use the “hook-file” strategy, but when I invoke Hook on an Obsidian file, I get this pop-up asking if I want to open the link. I don’t want to open the link, I want to copy it, as I can do for my other applications. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I followed the instructions at Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook

this may be an issue of security permissions. Obsidian needs permission from the user to open hook x-callback-url. You would need to check “Always open hook: links in the future” to avoid seeing this again.

If anyone wants to revert their scripts for the time being they can use this older script:

set myURL to "obsidian://hook-get-address"
set myScript to "open '" & myURL & "'"
do shell script myScript
delay 0.4
repeat 50 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds
    	    if (the clipboard) is not equal to "" then
		    exit repeat
	    end if
    end try
    delay 0.05
end repeat
get the clipboard

Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook is now up to date with Hook 3.5 info.

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