Using Hook to New slows down Hook and results in an Error

Hi I’ve been having this issue for quite sometime now… Basically, whenever I want to hook an item (whether a web page, Notes, or whatever) to one of the available items in the Hook to New menu, Hook seems to just freeze for a moment, and then after awhile, process the action and creates bi-directional hook… Simultaneously, this window below pops up.
CleanShot 2021-11-03 at 19.51.15

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please let us know your Hook version macOS version?

Does this window show up after you click on Hook to New menu?

Does it happen to all Hook to New items?

Thank you

does this happen with any kind of Hook to New item (e.g., Drafts, .txt, Apple Notes)? or just one type of item, e.g., Apple Notes?

@LucB – I haven’t tested it for all my Apps, but so far the error and slowdown doesn’t occur on:

  • Apple Notes
  • Craft
  • Sublime

However, it does happen on:

  • Omnifocus
  • Things
  • Drafts

Hi @bchend - it happens after I click on the application I want to create a new hook note to (like a split second after selecting the app from the dropdown).

My version of Hook is 3.3.1 (4548) (scripts version 186)

Thank you, @zendude . that’s helpful. And your version of macOS? Sorry if you’ve mentioned this in another post already , lots of information flying our way.

Hey @LucB - it’s Big Sur 11.6.1

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