Using Hook to link Todoist tasks to what they are about

@RochelleB is an avid Hook and Todoist user. She has written about how Hook Enables You to Connect Todoist to your Work and Life on the Hook Productivity blog, with plenty of screenshots

She points out that

Linking a file from Dropbox requires navigating a whole bunch of tiny hierarchical menus to get to the file. This defeats one of Todoist’s most important features: the ability to quickly enter tasks and their associated information.

Hook allows you to get around this limitation! It links your tasks to anything they are about (files, emails, contacts, etc.).

Thank you, @RochelleB, and enjoy All!

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Are you a Todoist user? I’d love to hear about how you’re using it with Hook, or how you wish you could use it with Hook.

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring new ways to connect my tasks with everything I need to work on them. It’s greatly expanded Todoist’s value to me, and keeps me from getting distracted when I have to go off searching for a file or a contact or an Evernote item, etc.

I also love how easy it is to get back to my Todoist task from whatever I’m working in that’s related to it (especially if it’s to check the task off as complete!).