Using Hook for Software Development Projects

Based on emails we receive, I take it that there is much more in Hook than most users currently realize. So we welcome the sharing of use cases, and are trying to ramp up our publication of use cases / example uses of Hook. This Discourse Category is for that. Please feel free to add your own use cases.

Here’s an example of using Hook for software projects. Today I wrote and published this document on Using Hook in OneDrive.

I hooked that web page to the internal issue about it (in our web-based issue tracking system. It could be Trello or just about anything else, so I won’t mention here the particular SaaS, whose URL is private.) The issue page is my hub. I had already hooked the hub to a forum topic about it: Excel OneDrive file not Hookable [workarounds] - #5 by LucB, and to various related resources.

Later, to get back to any resource in this network, through Hook’s search tool, a web search, Spotlight, LaunchBar, other I can randomly access any resource directly or indirectly connected to the hub. Once in the network, I can quickly get to the hub and navigate to related documents. Once I’m in the network, I can again quickly navigate.

In this Hook network there are:

  • internal customer documentation pages,
  • design documents,
  • emails
  • forum posts (sometimes on same topic),
  • and more.

In Hook there are multiple disjoint networks.

Of course, I can often simply use Hook’s search tool to directly access the target. “OneDrive” is a relatively unique keyword, to which I can add other specifying keywords.

Hook’s search tool is unique because Hook bookmarks any resource on which one applies Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, Hook to Copied Link or the like. That is a highly discriminative signal of relevance (i.e., it tends to accumulate relevant information, and doesn’t gather much cruft). That is in contrast with search tools like Spotlight that index all kinds of information that I am highly unlikely ever to search for (though I can nonetheless access in context once Hook gets me in the neighborhood).

Of course, there are many more software development uses of Hook than the above.

See also .

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It would be interesting to hook to TODO based text… The workaround is to create links to all the information you’ve researched to and paste the Hook link to the comment.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @kjaymiller !

personally, I typically create a TaskPaper file (they multiply). I hook them to what they’re about. And I use Copy Markdown Link on related info, and paste links in them.

I don’t tend to file my email at all. I flag some emails , and I paste links to emails in the particular TaskPaper file they belong in.

Often I will link an email to an entire resource.

I’m sure many people use them in different ways. (I still use OmniFocus too.)