Using Hazel to set color labels on files with hook links

Not sure whether something like this idea has been posted elsewhere on the forum, but I tried using Hazel to label files with Hook links (tagged Hook) with a color label in Finder. Here’s what the rule looks like:

It works well to show at a glance which files have Hook links.


How are you monitering hooked files with hazel? Great idea, missing something here…

When I create a Hook link, I noticed in the macOS Finder info that a tag named “Hook” is added to the file. So the Hazel rule looks for files with this tag and then gives them a color label, to make it noticeable which ones have links attached.

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What folder are you monitoring with Hazel?

~/Documents, and, actually, I found that it wasn’t hitting all the subfolders/files until I added an additional action in Hazel, which was Run Rules on Folder Contents. I updated the screenshot above.

No joy with this. Where does this “label” appear?

Just to note if you right-click on a tag in the Finder sidebar, you can assign a colour to it: so I have the ‘Hook’ tag coloured purple and can therefore see any file that’s been hooked.


You need to enable the option in Hook’s preferences.

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Thank you for that great tip re the sidebar. I didn’t know about that option in Finder till today.

You could also use the built in ability to add a colour to a tag and it happen with out Hazel.

I find this works only if I have two Hazel rules


Over here, combining both rules in one does not succeed.

As already pointed out, setting a global colour is best handled in Finder. However, if you want the colour to be different depending on which folder the hooked file is in, then Hazel is a great option.

I use Hazel to rename the hook tag to :infinity: which takes less space and feels more ‘hooky’. @LucB Perhaps you can make it an option to set this as default?

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I just created a Finder Smart folder for Hook, using the Finder tag referenced by martinewski. What does Hazel bring to the party?