Using both default and alternative DevonThink integration scripts in parallel?


Is there any practical way of using the two different integration scripts available for DevonThink in parallel, as needed? Both have advantages in different use cases.

I tried selecting an item in DevonThink and running the alternative script via Keyboard Maestro, then selecting a file in Finder and using the “Hook to Copied Link” Shortcut. However, this doesn’t seem to be working.

What/where are the two different Devonthink integration scripts?

My understanding is that the alternative one uses the file location instead of the x-devonthink link, which can be useful for indexed database items. The link gets recognized both in DT and in third-party apps. See here for details: Customizing Hook Integration with DEVONthink – Hook

I also noticed that the script posted by cgrunenberg in the DevonThink forums to enable deep linking is not currently included in Hook as the default “Get Address” DevonThink integration script. So that might also be worth checking out:

And I literally just posted an updated “Get Name” script over in the DT forums a couple minutes ago that might be of value: