Use your favorite apps to take notes about e-books with Book Reader

Want to take notes about an ebook using your favorite Mac app (whatever that may be)? Well, Hook overcomes the biggest roadblock readers used to face in taking notes about their ebooks: navigating between the ebook and their notes.

Just read any ebook in BookReader and bring up the Hook Window. It works like with any other supported app. Example functions (as usual) :

  • “Link to New”
  • “Copy as Link”
  • “Link to Copied Address”
  • See the list of your links to the current ebook.

Hook already works quite well with BookReader. In the next release of BookReader (due very, very soon :wink: ), this support will be even better: you will also be able to select a book in the BookReader and invoke the Hook window.

In my Cognitive Productivity with macOS®: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge book, I railed against the very limited annotation capabilities of iBooks and Kindle. With Hook, you can escape those limitations. Now you can take your notes with graphical apps, text editors, outliners, etc.

Thanks to the BookReader developer, Leo Y Mesentsev, for adding and tweaking AppleScript support to work well with Hook.

As an Adjunct Professor of Education and Cognitive Science at Simon Fraser University. I can assure you that note-taking is a proven strategy to improve comprehension and mastery of books.

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