Use Hook with NotaBena

I would like to use Hook with NotaBene. Nota Bene is a suite of robust academic applications including a word processor that aims to meet the needs of a specialized clientele, viz. academic writers and researchers mostly in the humanities. It is a native Windows app and can only run on Macs because they have bundled it with Wine. (Wine is an open source project that creates programs that mimic the functions of Windows so that Windows programs can be used on a Mac).

Nota Bene, like Scrivener but more so, tries to incorporate all useful functions a writer/researcher would have into Nota Bene and its associated programs. Of course when working in Nota Bene I would like to be able to reference quickly docs, texts, images, etc., that are not created in NB. Obviously Hook would be the ideal solution.

Sadly, as far as I can tell, this doesn’t work. Or maybe it does or can and I don’t understand how? I have written to NotaBene technical support on this question but have not heard back yet. Since they are not especially familiar with the Mac OS suspect they may not have an answer for me.

Are there any Hook users who also use NB and have been able to connect them?


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I can access my NB files when I create the Hook link through finder. I can paste this link into Todoist, so I am halfway there.

I also just made NB accessible under the Mac security/privacy preferences. Now Hook seems to be working normally for me within NB. So I think I solved my own problem! Sorry to have disturbed the group.

Maybe not solved. I don’t seem to be able to set up bidirectional links to/from NB. In case anyone can help on this particular issue I would appreciate it.

As Wine is an emulator I wouldn’t expect Hook to have any visibility into any apps you run within it.

You could setup a script for Wine in Hook that would link to the NB app. That way you can link items to and from NB, but it wouldn’t distinguish between projects.

One workaround would be to create some sort of hub link — maybe a folder for that project — and then link that to NB and the items for that project. That way when you bring up Hook in NB you’ll have a menu of projects, you highlight the current project and press right arrow and you have the list of items.

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Thank you, that’s a good suggestion. I think I am doing something similar by linking all associated documents to each other and to Todoist. Todoist serves as a project manager. I can move among the ancillary documents easily and directly and Hook can link to the NB document The limitation is that from within the NB document I cannot see any of the links. I have no idea how Wine works, nor can I see Wine. It is somehow embedded into NotaBene and invisible (to me at least). Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and as I say I think I have arrived at a similar work about. I’m still interested if anyone else uses NB on a Mac and has any experience with using it and Hook.