Use Bear Notes as default note-taking app


Is there any way to set Bear Notes as a default note-taking app? Thanks.


Not yet with ⌘N, but you can use System Preferences to define a new keyboard shortcut like this:

Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac - Apple Support

Select “Hook” as the App in system preferences. Type “Bear” as the command, and define whatever shortcut you like, such as ⌘B.

Notice how the following Hook “Link to New…” menu defines additional keyboard shortcuts for: Drafts, Notes and OmniFocus.

Also, when choosing a keyboard shortcut you might want to consult the following page to make sure (or at least know whether) your choice does not clash with Hook’s own keyboard shortcut: All Commands & Shortcuts – Hook.

(Incidentally: A use case of Hook is to link that web page to the current topic and/or to )

Thanks. Luc. Hopefully, ⌘N can be set for Bear Notes in the nearly future. It would be much faster than the current solution. Thanks again.