URLs in `Hook to New` [Drafts | Notes] linkbacks from non-file resources incorrect (have a spurious suffix)

i am a hook noob so forgive me.
i make a link to a drafts note in a new apple note
when i click on the link in the apple note i get this
what am i doing wrong?
(can supply more info if required…)

thanks for reporting this. I previously erroneously thought this was the same as a different topic.

I’ve renamed the topic (to use the term “linkback” and to generalize it ), and filed it in Bug Reports category. The generlization is that this applies to the new Notes linkback too. The issue is that Hook to New > Notes/Drafts from non-files also inserts resource name information, which it should not. A fix is coming.

Cf. Hook integration scripts v.147 now available — Updates for Notes, Drafts, Bear, PDFpenPro - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.

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