Upgrade not happened

I know this isn’t really a Forum question, but I sent an email about this to hook@cogsciapps.com several days ago and haven’t had any response (it’s not in spam), so I’m posting here.

I was using the free trial of Hook and purchased an upgrade to Hook Pro on 7 July, via Paypal. I noticed a few days ago that there was still a button in Hook inviting me to upgrade, and now it’s downgraded to Lite. Will I will have lost anything I’ve done in Hook so far?

Hi Tony,

We don’t have (or at least cannot find) a record of those emails.

However, the upgrade to Pro license is to upgrade from Essentials to Pro. The initial Buy license is for the initial license.

Let’s sort it out in PIM. I will send you a PIM that will get routed to your email. You can also email us at support@cogsciapps.com .