Universal Links from Things

The new Universal Links now allow me to post links to emails and other programs like Keep It into Mem.ai. However links to Things tasks seem to fail and give the following error message:

The provided host field “show” is not supported by Things. The host field may either be left empty or be set to “x-callback-url”. If you left the host field empty, make sure to proceed it with three slashes (///), not just two.

Any thoughts about how to fix this. Thanks for adding Universal link to an already great program.


Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @mprazoff . We will have a look. thanks for reporting this.

The problem is that whereas Hookmark supplies 2 “//”, Things expects 3 which is quite justified. Since Hookmark does the translation from universal link to custom link, we can fix that, and will soon.

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Thanks so much for your quick response. Much appreciated.

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