Universal Links from Notion

Im having a hard time using Universal links, If I paste them in any app and then click them they direct me to this page https://hookmark.net/hm/hook/file/N0UrratX9?p=bWFnaWNsYW50ZXJuL0Rlc2t0b3A=&n=Screenshot%202022-12-13%20at%2015.27.04.png

It doesnt work or i misunderstood universal links as work like universal links that will invoke files in my mac from the browser

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @magiclantern. Thanks for asking

We’ll update the hookmark.net universal link web pages. UL’s only work in Safari. (Per the release notes about Hookmark 5.)

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Are there any short term plans to make UL’s work in other browsers beyond Safari?

There is a limitation of the browsers themselves unfortunately.

One quick fix Ive found is to copy the link from the browser window, notion or whatever, paste it into the Alfred search bar and that opens the link, and Im sure I can make some mac automation with the Shortcuts app that does the entire process: copying the text>open alfred>autopaste the text> auto click enter.


I would love the have a Shortcut like this.