Universal Links from Notion

Im having a hard time using Universal links, If I paste them in any app and then click them they direct me to this page https://hookmark.net/hm/hook/file/N0UrratX9?p=bWFnaWNsYW50ZXJuL0Rlc2t0b3A=&n=Screenshot%202022-12-13%20at%2015.27.04.png

It doesnt work or i misunderstood universal links as work like universal links that will invoke files in my mac from the browser

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @magiclantern. Thanks for asking

We’ll update the hookmark.net universal link web pages. UL’s only work in Safari. (Per the release notes about Hookmark 5.)

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Are there any short term plans to make UL’s work in other browsers beyond Safari?

There is a limitation of the browsers themselves unfortunately.