Uninfluenceable jumping in the tag overview

I have various links to DevonThink under my tags. Unfortunately for me the section jumps from the tag “Classifications” to “Reviews” after a few seconds. I can’t influence this, the keyboard doesn’t get stuck and it only happens with the “Classifications” tag. However, this also includes the most links.

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @Hippocampus .

Sorry about this issue. What’s your Hookmark version and macOS version?

Do you mean it jumps to “Reviews” tag?

Do you mean links belong to tag classifications?

Is it possible you can send a short vedio to support@cogsciapps.com? I try to reproduce the problem, but no luck yet.

Thank you

Correction: It jumps every 5-10s 2 tags upward.
MacOS 14.4.1, the latest dowloadable Hookmarkversion.

@Hippocampus , if you turn off Hookmark sync, will the problem disappear?

Thank you