Unexpected title and address behaviour in Bookends

I’m trying to use Hook to link to items in my Bookends library.

When I select an item in my library, invoke Hook, and copy the link, it is a generic link to my Bookends library file (hook://file/…n=myLibrary.bdb), not a formatted reference. Oddly, the link doesn’t start with “bookends://” as the script in the “Get address tab” would suggest, and the title is just the name of my .bdb file.

I’m on Mac OS 11.6, Bookends 14.0.1, and Hook 3.2.1. This is a fresh install of Hook, none of the default settings have been changed.

EDIT: When I check “Only show installed apps” in the Script preferences, the Bookends scripts vanish (but, obviously, Bookends is installed). Seems that Hook somehow can’t see it?!

Any suggestion what the problem might be?

Hook 3.3 and latest script(184) has the fix for Bookend 14. Could you please go to Hook preferences window ->Update, click on “Check Now” button? Please let us know if there is any problem.

Thank you

Thanks, that fixed it. I had just downloaded Hook from the website, so I was assuming it’s the latest version - my bad.

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Thanks for posting, @jflintwinch. and Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum .

looks like the download link had not been updated. The 3.3 download is Hook 3.3 Release Notes – Hook . Official releases are here Release Notes – Hook . We will update the download button (at top of Hook website).

There’s now Hook 3.3.1 – Hook official release as a download. We’ll post about it soon.