UI priority order

At the moment the main UI seems to prioritise functions, then existing links. I think this is the wrong way around as once you have links in place you will be switching between contexts more often than making new links. It’s also harder to select existing links as they don’t have a fixed shortcut so you have to look for the first letter then type that then hit enter - but the functions with fixed shortcuts are perversely the ones easiest to get to with arrow keys.

I think a much better UX would be:

  • First item is create new note. Hitting enter would create a new note with the default template/script. Pressing right arrow would reveal choice of note types. This would encourage note taking — invoke Hook, hit enter, start typing notes.
  • Second item would be a list of existing links. The first nine items would be numbered and pressing the associated number key would jump straight to that context. The text for this section would be bigger to make it more prominent and to aid finding the one you want. Highlighting an item with arrows and then using function keyboard shortcuts would do the function on that item not the current context. This would make it easier to insert links for example, instead of having to switch context, copy the link, switch back, then paste it.
  • Third would be the functions. Their size etc should de-emphasise them as they don’t change based on the context and they are mostly used via keyboard shortcut.

Thanks, Steve. We do plan some streamlining enhancements to the UI which would also make the window more compact while preserving functionality, and enabling upcoming new features be accessible in a coherent and well organized way.

And we are listening.



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