Two feature requests regarding "search bookmarks" and "PDF deep link"

  1. When searching for a bookmark in “search bookmarks”, the keyword will not only search the title of the bookmark, but also the “path” of the bookmark.
    For example, a file named “search-test.pdf” is stored in the folder “Users/xx/Library/test”. At the same time, there are also files named “1.jpg” and “2.jpg” in this folder.
    At this time, I search for “test” in Hookmark, and I only want to search for the file named “search-test.pdf”. However, “1.jpg” and “2.jpg” will also appear in the search results because their file paths also contain “test”, which is a result I don’t want to get.

So, can “search bookmarks” limit the search scope? For example, search only the title of bookmarks, or search title + path?
Or it would be nice to support search engine syntax, such as “intitle:”.

  1. Regarding “PDF deep link”, when I read the file named “deeplink-test.pdf” in Skim and selected a sentence, the content is “this is a deep link test”. Then create a deep link for it.
    But at this time, the link title obtained in Hookmark is “deeplink-test.pdf” instead of “this is a deep link test”. This will cause a problem: if I create a lot of deep links in this PDF file, their titles will all be “deeplink-test.pdf”. When I search in the future, I won’t know what each of them corresponds to, which is very confusing to me.

So, can the title of the PDF deep link be generated as the content of the selected text?

Thank you for contacting us, @xiangshu .

  1. You can use AND, OR, NOT operators and round () brackets.
    You can limit your search to the URL or name by using the URL: or name: keywords. In your case, search by name:test will return only bookmarks with title containing “test”
    Search – Hookmark

Good point. I will create an issue for this.

Marvelous! Thank you for your reply! Looking forward to the update of PDF deep link. :heart:

That already exists.E.g., title:search-test.


thanks for asking. We do intend to support that.

BTW, all, we would appreciate some help spreading the word about Hookmark to your network (colleagues, friends, etc.)

Thank you! I have already recommended two friends to use Hookmark, and even taught them how to use it myself hahaha! Hookmark is really a very useful tool to improve efficiency. I hope it will get better and better!

Thank you very much, @xiangshu ! We really appreciate it.