Turn off notification on new link


I find the “Hook to Copied Link successful” notification rather unnecessary. I could see why notify the user if something failed, but why notify if a normal app operation worked?

I’ve been tempted to just turn off Hook notifications, but I think this would be better solved by creating a preferences option to turn off these notifications or getting rid of them altogether.


thanks for that feedback. I’m no fan of them myself, but we did get several requests for notifications, so we decided (some time after 1.0) to provide notifications, with the option of turning them off in System preferences. So that is where Hook is currently at.

We could provide a “never issue notifications” option, I suppose, but that would complicate the preferences. But it would allow us to set the default to disabled, which is probably a better default. We could even make this an advanced preference (command line).

Hi @LucB, I think notifications for available updates, or as I was mentioning, something going wrong, make a lot of sense. I know Hook aims to be unobtrusive so I’d prefer to have Hook notifications on, but perhaps a bit more granularity on what the user is notified about would be good.

Thank you for the quick answer! Hook is really great.

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Hello, I don’t mind having notifications, but I’m trying to understand why I don’t hear a sound even though “Play sound for notifications” is checked in my Hook notification settings. Basically, I’d like to hide the banners but hear a sound, but even when I have the banners visible, I don’t hear anything. Here are my settings:

Any suggestions?

@LucB , I am with raghos on this. I don’t want to turn off ALL Hook notifications, just a way to turn off the “Copy link successful” notification.

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