Tridirectional, or more, how?

Hook noob here. I tried to make bidirectional links from, and to: Safari, Numbers, Evernote and Slack. Just because I keep some different text/info about the same thing in those apps. (Yeah, thing’s a film. Gotta keep track of them these days…)
Hoped to get a multi choice when I invoke hook in any of those applications, but it seems that I only get two choices for back-linking.
Am I doing something wrong?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @br1 .

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “multiple choice”.

When you invoke Hook in a linkable app on a resource (file, web page, whatever), initially the Hook window only contains the title menu, unless you previously ‘hooked’ the current resource to something else.

Basically, the Hook context window is context-sensitive. It reflects what you have hooked to the current item (call it “foo”). To see something linked to “foo” you can copy a link from a different resource (say “bar”), and then re-invoke Hook and paste (hook) bar into foo.

There’s also in Hook’s Preferences an option to show Recent items and Pinned items regardless of what is ‘hooked’ to the title menu.

There are screenshots of Hook here Hook Window – Hook and a video.

Evernote 10 is not linkable (they took the API out, but I heard they will add AppleScript back). Slack hooking is on a channel by channel basis. Safari and Numbers are properly linkable.

Nice coincidence. I too keep track of films (and all other artistic events) I watch/attend. One row per event, lots of columns. One column is for a link to a web resource about the source (e.g., the Wikipedia entry). Another column is for a hook://file/ link to the folder containing my notes/resources regarding the source. I also have a fiction notes template. So I do Hook to New > … from the source page (e.g., the Wikipedia page), and that creates a new note document with lots of relevant fields (characters, plot, theme, etc.)

I’m extending my Cognitive Productivity framework to to deal with Learning from Fiction and Other Forms of Art – CogZest. And I’m editor and a contributing author of an upcoming book related to that : Discontinuities by Luc P. Beaudoin [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle].