Transitioning to nvUltra

Noob back for more…

I started using hook with markdown files created in sublime text. I’ve gone back to nvUltra, but none of the hooks I’ve created exist now.

I see that nvUltra has its own url scheme and suspect that is the issue.

Is there a way to transition the database to see the hooks in nvUltra?

We don’t currently have a way to assign two URLs of different schemes to the same resource. We plan to enable users to use hook://file/ URLs with nvUltra, hopefully within a month or before nvUltra becomes generally available outside of beta. Meanwhile, the trick would be to use ⌥⌘R in nvUltra to reveal the file in Finder to see the hooks.

Thanks. That’s more friction than I’m willing to accept, so I’ll continue to use sublime text.

When you make the change you mention will it be “seamless” to people starting to use nvUltra?

And as to when nvU will be released, you may have information the rest of us don’t. It’s been in beta for quite some time.

Users will need to change a setting to use hook://file/ URL scheme rather than nvUltra:// , apart from that it will be seamless.