Transfer links in an EXCEL sheet to a NUMBERS sheet

I have bunch of hookmark links in an Excel spreadsheet which work fine, but I want to move all these links to new NUMBERS sheet. (The reason is that I cannot get rid of the annoying warning that Excel gives every time I click on a link).

I have opened the Excel sheet in Numbers, but all the links are lost.

Is there a way to move all the links without having to recreate them all again one by one in Numbers?

When you say all the links are lost, do you mean they disappear in Numbers, or they are not working?

Could you please send us a sample file to so we can have a look?

Thank you!

It seems when Numbers opens the Excel sheet, the link is lost. I tried editing the link in Numbers, I can see the link field is empty. I googled to see if there is any trick to keep the link intact but no luck yet. Sorry I don’t have the expertise to help.

If Excel deletes custom links, then you could try: in Numbers, before exporting to Excel: globally change hook:// custom links to our universal links. That should do the trick.

The universal links solves the issue, BUT I could not figure out how (in Excel) to globally change “hook:/” to

When I do Search & Replace, excel does not find the hyperlink text

Any suggestions how to do this


I would export to a .CSV file and use BBEdit find/replace with regular expressions.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. But when I export to CSV this also destroys all the hyperlink text, so the data is not available to edit within any text editor

By the way, for info, by using universal links also solves the issue of Excel giving the annoying warning alert before opening the linked file.

However, my issue remains of how to globally edit many hyperlinks in an excel sheet