Todoist Integration

Is Todoist integration likely in a future release?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum @jlilken, and thanks for asking.

First a caveat: although we at CogSci Apps have looked into Todoist , we’re not experts on Todoist. Todoist may have features (including Premium ones) we don’t know about.

I assume you are referring to Todoist app rather than its SaaS.

Since even before Hook’s public beta, we have occasionally been receiving requests for Todoist integration. We are not currently aware of Todoist having an API, however. Looking at its UI, it does not seem particularly promising for UI scripting (and UI scripting is not a great way to integrate with an app).

Todoist app does expose a Copy Link to Task function in the menu, which yields links like (They should perhaps rename that command to Copy URL, because it is not a full link, just a URL which only is resolved to a link if you paste it into Todoist itself). You can use that URL directly and apply it to the Hook to Copied Link command for instance. If you want to turn it into a named link, you could put it into Markdown link like [task name]( and see it sanely outside of todoist, including in Hook.

One of Hook forum’s Keyboard Maestro users might have a solution for automating Copy Link.

Regardless, as you can tell from the prior paragraph, the URL returned by Todoist app’s Copy Link to Task is not a local one, its to their website; hence, it opens on their website rather than in the app, which is probably not what you want. (Perhaps that works differently in Premium.)

We believe some of our customers have been in touch with the Todoist developers. We have been in touch with them via their Contact Us – Todoist Contact. You can cite their request #516225 . You could also provide a link to this forum post [Todoist Integration - Hook Feature Requests - Hook Productivity Forum](, which perhaps some Todoist users will ‘like’ as a sign of their wish for this. We also provide this information:

Meanwhile, it is perhaps noteworthy that OmniFocus, Things, TaskPaper, and other great todo apps support automated linking. And their Copy Link function, thankfully, yields an app link, not a web link.

Luc, thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll try some of the options you’ve described to see which might best suit my workflow. Thank you, again!

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