Tip: Try Hook's hook://search links to trigger Spotlight searches


You may have noticed that the Hook window contains a couple of new commands that you’ve never seen in any other app:

  • ⌘U to Copy a New Unique ID
  • ⇧⌘S to Copy a Search Link from Clipboard (of the form hook://search/?q=…)

I’ve added a section to the Gear menu help document that explains why they are handy:
Copy a New Unique ID, and Copy a Search Link from Clipboard.

In a nutshell, hook://search links enable you to create links that trigger a search. This can be helpful in countless ways. One of the main applications is to enable you to quickly link to a file that you are editing in an app that is not yet compatible with Hook. But its usefulness goes well beyond that.

Currently, hook://search links just trigger Spotlight searches, but we may extend the syntax and semantics to support other search engines.

FYI: We’ve been fixing and extending documentation. That is a priority of mine.