Tip: Tagging in Hookmark

Hookmark does not yet have tagging yet, but if you’d like to tag stuff : for now,

  1. you can use the rename function to add a #<tag> to the bookmark’s name. Then when searching in Hookmark (⌘F), use quotes like this #<tag>. E.g., "#medical".
  2. if you’re using Pinboard with the [Hookmark’s Pinboard service enabled],(Services Preferences Tab – Hookmark), you can Reveal Page in Pinboard, and add a tag there.
  3. for files, you can Reveal File in Finder and apply a Finder tag.
  4. many other apps have tags, which you can use. E.g., if you open the item in OmniFocus, you can tag it there.

In Apple notes or any other app, if you put #tag in the title itself (e.g., in Apple Notes in first line) before invoking Hookmark, then Hookmark will have it in its database.

Apple Notes automatically turns #tag expressions into tags shown in its tag browser; and we might do the same thing down the road.

And it works! I’ve been using the rename function for many months, even adding 2 or 3 tags. I recently switched to Agenda from an app that didn’t support tags. The community came up with a work around system so it became a part of the new link process but the apps search could not support boolean operators. Now I’m restructuring my Hookmark tags to fit the way I’m using them in Agenda. It’s a mostly painless process; enter old tag name in Hookmark find and they all pop up for changing. It would be faster if I had a “find and replace all” method but no biggie.
Since I mentioned it, I can’t give enough praise for the Agenda app. It has ~6 years of evolving and never wavering from the original concept. The evolution of every new feature has been well thought out and purposefully implemented. It’s almost exciting to read the last 5 years of development in the community forum with constant involvement from the 2 man design team.
It’s no wonder Hookmark works well with them, they seems to have similar development philosophies.

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