Tip: Pin current project related stuff

One of our developers , here at CogSci Apps, often tells me how she loves Hook’s Pin feature. She suggested I write about it because currently it’s under-documented.

You can Pin any link in the Hook window (the Title item, a “hooked” item, etc.; they all have a “Pin” menu item).

There’s a Gear menu command to show/hide pinned items. Bring up Hook and you will see the Pinned items (if configured to show them).

When she implements a feature, there are typically several pieces of information she needs to refer to such as:

  • issue management page(s)
  • emails
  • files in the version control system
  • other local files

She pins the main issue page, and hooks it to the related items.

To work on a given task, she opens Hook’s contextual window and navigates to its pinned link; and then she either opens that link; or she navigates to one of the items that it is linked to it (such as a file in the version control system) and invokes Hook from there.

Once she is done, she unpins them. If she needs to return to the feature later, she can go to the main issue page and see the items she’s hooked to it. (Unpinning does not remove hooks.)

There are many other ways to use the Pinned feature.

Please feel free to share your uses of Pinned here…

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  1. I pin links to my dashboards — for example my team’s Kanban board.
  2. I pin some items as menu items — for example I pin a link to my work’s webpage, then if I highlight it and navigate right I get a list of important pages such as HR and my department’s webpage, which again are linked to important pages such as the holiday request form and room booking calendar.
  3. I pin Keyboard Maestro triggers — for example when I go on break I select one which sets my status to Away, posts a status message of how long I expect to be uncontactable for, and mutes the volume for notifications.
  4. I pin Bunches to setup the computer for various common tasks.