💡 tip for taking visual notes: Use Hookmark's macOS Shortcuts for generating robust links to screenshots

If you’re attending an online meeting or watching a video and would like to capture screenshots of the content, Hookmark has you covered.

First, install these two shortcuts:

  • Copy Markdown Link to New Screenshot
  • Copy Markdown Image Link to New Screenshot

In the Shortcuts app, for each of these shortcuts you can click the (i) button, and click “Pin in Menu bar” button–that will make the commands easily accessible via the UI. In the same Shortcuts (i) tab, you can even assign a keyboard shortcut to each command.

Then while you’re viewing a presentation or watching a video, you can use either command. The cursor will change into graphical selection mode, so you can select the part of the screen you’d like to capture.

If you choose Copy Markdown Image Link to New Screenshot and paste that in a markdown editor window, you’ll get an image link that Marked 2 can render. This means you can view the screenshot without having to click on the link.

Each of these commands uses hook://file/ URLs, which have advantages over file:// URLs as you probably know. For instance, you can move the images around and the links will still work.

Finder shortcuts

While we’re on the topic of Hookmark’s shortcuts, please note that there are also some Finder shortcuts:

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