Timing v. 2022.2 is URL-Friendly and Compatible with Hook

I’m delighted to announce that Timing — the awesome time-tracking app for Mac developed by Daniel Alm — is now URL-friendly (linkable)! And Hook already takes advantage of this friendliness, so you can now use Hook with Timing’s projects. Select a project in Timing, invoke Hook, and you can use Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, Hook to New, Hook to Copied Link, etc.

I switched to Timing as soon as Daniel Alm added a visual timeline to it (2016). I’ve been using Timing every day since then, and have been very happy with it. This is the big additional piece I had been hoping for.

Daniel Alm is offering a limited time 10% discount and so are we (for Hook Pro , Hook Essentials and Upgrade from Essentials to Hook Pro). Offer expires @ end of May.

The big idea here is that project information is managed in many different types of software: time-tracking software, personal project management software ( OmniFocus, Things, TaskPaper, Todoist, etc.), research ( in DEVONthink, Finder, etc.), notes (in all kinds of apps), email, customer relationship management (e.g., Daylite), etc. It’s important to be able to navigate between them. Now time-tracking projects are included.

I’d like to emphasize the Hook to New command that is now available when you invoke Hook while a Timing project is selected. This means you can rapidly take notes about a Timing project, in any link-friendly app (in Hook’s Hook to New… menu). So you’re not constrained to writing in a little note field. You can use the full power of your favorite note-taking app, and see your notes there. That’s one of the big ideas of Hook: take linked notes about anything in the app of your choice; instantly navigate between the note and what the note is about.

About time-tracking

If you’re not yet sold on time tracking, check out:

More information about the integration


This integration requires Timing 2022.2 and Hook integration version 218.

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I tried to use this with the SetApp version of Timing (v2022.2) and Hook and could not get this to work. No links showed up when invoking Hook on a Project in Timing.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @nacohen . Please make sure you updated Hook (let us know your integration version from Hook’s “About” window or from its Updates tab.)

Weirdest thing. Since I tried it yesterday and today, the project in Timing now shows up in Hook. Maybe there was a silent upgrade to the integration. I was on Hook v3.5, but I didn’t note the integration number. I did do an update to Hook before writing to the forum, and after that update the behavior did not change. Glad it is working now. It is a really cool new feature.

Here are the details for my Hook version:

Version 3.5 (4736; Integration v. 217)


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