Things and Spaces - inconsistent behavior

I categorized this under “Bug Reports” although I’m not sure that is what it is. I use multiple Spaces. With Things, selecting a link to a Things project in Hookmark will jump to the space with Things, but selecting a link to a Things task won’t jump to the space with Things (although if I manually go to the space with Things, I see that the correct task is selected). I don’t know if this is an issue with Things, or with Hookmark. I did a search here to see if anybody else reported a similar problem, and I found this post concerning Drafts, which makes it sound like maybe Things has to fix something?

Hookmark does not have /advertise any special integration with Things spaces (or “areas”). Hookmark simply transacts with the links we get from Things. I think this would go into Feature Requests. The fine folks at CulturedCode might have some ideas. If it seems to be bug on our side, or provides other info, please let us know.
Does your problem involve activating the link not revealing the item in Things?
CulturedCode or a Things automator might suggest some tweak to the script integration?

The items is properly selected in Things, but my Mac stays on the space I’m in, instead of switching to the Space in which Things is open. If I manually swipe to that space, I see that the correct item is selected. This is only with tasks, though. If I activate a hook to a Things project, my Mac automatically switches spaces just fine.

thanks for clarifying. I thought you were referring to a Things specific space concept, as opposed to a macOS space.