Taking diagrammatic notes about issues and linking them with Hook

Obviously, we use an issue tracking system here at CogSci Apps.

Often, the issues are complex so in the context of the issue’s page (in Safari),

  1. I invoke Hook
  2. I type ⌘N ( Hook to New), which in my case creates a .txt file (and opens it in the default .txt editor).

sometimes, I need to draw a diagram, so I do Hook to New > OmniGraffle.

If I need to draw a diagram by hand, I now use Hook to New > Notes (here on my Mac), and then I start drawing in that Apple Notes note on my iPad.

Regardless, Hook to New > Notes now inserts a link back to issue in our issue tracking system. (Could be trac, Trello, anything). So I can navigate from the new note to the issue page, whether I’m on iPad , iPhone or Mac.

See also

We have use cases here: Track Issues More Productively – Hook.

We’ll be rolling out screencasts about the various features and benefits of Hook… So please feel free to comment on what you’d like to see in the screencasts. And of course, please feel free to spread the word by publishing your own screencasts or blog posts on how you use Hook.

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