^t submenu shortcut bug - not working with Dvorak keyboard layout [workaround ⌃k]

When Hook is called with shift + cmd + space, the shortcut displayed at the bottom of the window indicates that ^t will open the submenu of available actions, which works with the letter t on a QWERTY-layout keyboard but not with the ^t on the Dvorak layout.

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Welcome to the forum, @marlowe, and thanks for pointing that out. The work-around is to use ⌃k (which is the physical T key on US keyboard). We will look into it.

Thanks for posting the question and answer both! I use Dvorak and was having the same issue. I should know by now to check this kind of thing, but I always forget.

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I type ^k (based on the standard QWERTY keyboard labels), which should resolve to ^t … but that doesn’t work. What do you intend me to do instead?

Ah. ^Y does it, apparently because T is the physical QWERTY label of the key for Y.

That’s just WEIRD. You shouldn’t care about physical labels or any of that. Just use the resolved key value.