Sync location as simple backup


I’m trying to understand how to backup hookmark’s “contents” outside of my machine and I’m wondering if the hookmark sync location (e.g. inside a OneDrive folder) would be good enough. I don’t actually care much about the preferences (I believe I can recreate them from memory, if the need arises).

So… if I use a OneDrive managed folder to use a “shared folder” for syncing with another (not existing) mac. What would happen if my machine is lost, I setup a new one, install hookmark and use the same sync location? Will it find and reuse the data in this folder?

Cheers & thanks for this great tool!

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @felixlaufer. And thanks for asking.

If enabled, Hookmark creates several sync files for each device. The names of Hookmark’s sync files reflect the names of the devices (Mac, iPhone or iPad).

When you set up a new Mac with the same sync location, Hookmark will pickup
the data in the sync folder.

Sync can be used as a backup and restore method but with some caveats.

  1. If you somehow wipe out Hookmark on the Mac and wish to reinstall it on the same Mac via the Sync folder, in Hookmark’s sync folder you need to rename the files corresponding to the wiped out Mac. In this way, Hookmark will think that these files are from a different machine and try to read in the data, effectively doing a restore.

  2. This depends on your level of trust of the sync medium you are using. We can’t make guarantees for any particular sync service. It’s a good idea to backup. (E.g., Nothing to do with us or Hookmark and wew haven’t heard of any problems affecting our users ; but iCloud sync, for instance, has had issues according to TidBits ).

Another other supported backup mechanism is to use Export and Import feature under

Another approach is to back up entire
~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/ folder.

See for more info.