Sync between macs

Just discovered Hook after hearing this week’s ScreenCastsOnline episode. Obviously a bit late to the party, but what a great concept!

I suspect I’m not the only one using an iMac at home, and MacBook when out. Most of my files are in sync, using iCloud and Dropbox. I’m a bit concerned at creating this robust system of linking on the iMac, and then either not having that available when out using the MacBook, or alternatively, having to “re-create” all those links. I saw that some sort of sync may be on the roadmap, though I’d suspect that would not appear for some time.

Curious if others have thoughts about this potential limitation, workarounds, etc?- thanks.

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I also just watched Don’s screencast and downloaded Hook to both of my machines and am wondering the same.

I get the impression it won’t be a v1 feature but I suspect it will be pretty high up the priority list.

In the meantime, I’m not effected much as my home and work computers are normally working with different files anyway, but there are many features that work without sync:

  • Unidirectional Hook links
  • Identifiers/Spotlight links
  • Markdown links

Does anyone have an update as to this issue? Would LOVE to be able to sync between Macs

Sorry for the delay in responding. We still don’t have a specific ETA to announce (lots of moving pieces in this one) but I can say we are attending to it.