Support for TickTick?


Is there/What is the best way to use TickTick app in conjunction with Hook?

Thank you!!

It doesn’t have a linking API (automation for linking). On our todo list is to get in touch with the developer requesting that they add the automation we need. Customers may do this also per Contacting developers of other apps – Hook.

Any update on this?


Hello LucB,

It seems that TickTick supports linking API now; when I wrote them about my wish for API compatibility, they send me this quite technical guide how to set up API linking with TickTick. Please check out:

Hope that Hook now can implement linking to individual projects in TickTick. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


@Hamilkar you’re referring to a web api. What TickTick needs is a client-side API to get the frontmost resource. I was surprised that TickTick already offers Applescript, but not for the frontmost resource. I’ve e-mailed them to see if they could implement this.

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